Road to 2017

A collage of photos from left to right: 9th Canadian Infantry brigade landing by boat on D-day, an old locomotive on the Canadian-Pacific Railway, the Fathers of Confederation at the London Conference, the proclamation of the National Flag of Canada, two Inuit participants in the Canadian Arctic Expedition.
Canada Day 2012 on Parliament Hill.

In 2017, Canadians across the country will celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary. The Government of Canada believes that this significant milestone for Canada should be acknowledged and marked in a big way.

On the Road to 2017, Canadians will have the opportunity to commemorate a number of nation-building milestones that will culminate in Canada’s 150th birthday in 2017. Each of these anniversaries represents an opportunity to celebrate the events that have shaped our history and made Canada what it is today.

Queen Elizabeth II visits the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Depot Division.

Canadians can celebrate and reflect on:

  • Canadian patriotism, sacrifice and commitment to service
  • the value of personal responsibility, hard work and family
  • national stability
  • the rights and duties of citizenship
  • fairness and inclusiveness

Canada’s 150th Anniversary of Confederation

Canadians have accomplished so much in 150 years: Confederation in 1867 was the first step to formalizing our dominion politically; two World Wars saw Canada distinguish itself in the eyes of the world; and, during the 20th century, Canada created its own symbols of nationhood, which included a national flag and anthem, and became a unique, free and democratic society that is the envy of the world.

Canadians have a wealth of history and achievements to be proud of.